Typically creating a Vision Board is when individuals, families, and businesses utilize a large board to display their vision and goals to strategize, motivate, and track their success and dreams. These boards are often a keepsake to remind or encourage the person who created it and those they share it with. What we have found is that over time vision boards can accumulate a lot of space or become damaged.

What if I told you that we can save you space, increase your creativity, and minimize storage?

Imagine no glue, no mess, and no fuss. The Forever Vision Board is a reusable board that includes magnets, a magnetic dry erase pen, and a prayer or affirmation board. That’s right! You receive two boards in one! There is a vision board on one side and a prayer or affirmation board on the opposite side. You can use pictures, draw pictures, or write on it. And what’s even better is you can use the same board over and over. You heard me right. This quality board will give you years of visions and dreams. You even have dated keepsake envelopes to track your success over the years and store as a keepsake to share with family and friends, requiring little to no space.

Forever Vision Board is a patented vision and inspirational themed based board that aims to unify vision and simplicity. Our founder started using a mirror to envision her success over 30 years ago. For many that strategy later turned into what we now know as vision boards. Over the years she would create vision boards and accomplish her goals, encouraging her to create a new board with bigger goals and dreams. As time would have it during a move, she discovered that the boards she kept as mementos and to share with her children were damaged and took up a lot of space, and that was the brainchild of what is now known as the “Forever Vision Board.” And today (or with that) we have the ease and simplicity of creating a vision board, with the ability to change images quickly with no glue or mess, and most of all a neat, compact, and creative way to store and share your hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. We are “Forever Vision Board,” and it is our hope to take the journey with you as you live out your vision and dreams.

What's included

  • Double Sided Forever Vision Board ($249.00)
  • Instruction Card
  • Dry Erase Pen
  • Dry Eraser
  • Magnets (Additional Magnets – Count 15 Mixed $14.99)
  • Removal Hooks
  • Screws and Dry Wall Anchors for Mounting
  • Storage Envelopes (Additional 10 $19.95)
  • Vision Board Trainings
  • Monthly Virtual Vision Board Party (Enrollment Required)

Not included

  • 12 pc. Dry Eraser Magnetic Marker Set ($24.95)