First, there are no rules. You can cut, draw, write, organize, and design to your heart’s desire. But I did what to answer a few questions that might help you along the way so here we go.

A physical visual display of your goals, values, and intentions that are usually displayed on a poster-sized board. These boards are personal because they contain all kinds of images and text that represent something you are attempting to accomplish, achieve, or love. Your Forever Vision Board will be a collage of images and words representing your prayers, desires or goals. And it is intended to serve as inspiration or motivation, so you persevere and never give up.

Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart suggests (Reference) that utilizing a vision board could help people reach their goals because the boards could possibly prime their brains with repeat images to help it recognize an opportunity. The repetition of the images and words could register the items on the board as having a higher value in their subconscious. And this could work because the reticular activating system (RAS) sorts through the images in your brain, and the repetition of visualizing the board could share with the brain what is important.

Anything you want! Find or create images/photos that share ambitions, desires and goals. You will also need scissors, dry erase markers, magnets, affirmations, prayers, quotes. Another great tool is to prepare a list of what you want, love, need, desire, what makes you feel good, and what you dream about; create a long list.

This convenient board comes with keepsake envelopes. You can remove your items as you accomplish them as a motivator or take them down once everything is complete. It’s totally up to you. Then you can save them in your envelope and keep them in a safe place to share with your family and friends.

Forever and as often as you would like. Never stop dreaming. “You Will Find What’s On Your Mind!” ~Dr. Dawn M. Harvey

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